Facility Connection Requirements

Open Access Transmission Tariff

FERC Standard of Conduct

01-01-2017 Liberty Utilities Completes Acquisition of Empire

2018 Algonquin - Tinker Transmission and Market Function Employees Org Chart

2018 Empire District Electric Company Transmission and Market Function Employees Org Chart


Algonquin Energy Services Job Descriptions

Compliance Officer

EDE Market Function Job Descriptions

EDE Transmission Function Job Description

Empire Merger Posting

FERC Compliance Org Chart

January 12th, 2017 - Empire District - Liberty Utilities Central Announces David Swain Appointed President

Policy 1 - Training

Policy 2 - Prompt Posting

Policy 3 - Separation

Policy 4 - Compliance Review

Policy 5 - SOC Employee Information

Policy 6 - SOC Affiliate Access to Customer Information

Policy 7 - Compliance to the Standards of Conduct

Policy 8 - Emergency Procedures

Procedures - Standards of Conduct

Algonquin Tinker Gen Co. OASIS