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Please feel free to contact an Empire Connect representative for more information on how your business can take advantage of our fiber optic network.

Sales: Engineering:
Kent Medlin, Telecom & Fiber Optic Sales Jordan Hamilton, Telecommunications Engineer
417-625-6146 417-625-4223
kmedlin@empiredistrict.com jhamilton@empiredistrict.com

Fiber Optics
Information regarding our fiber optic services.

Fiber Coverage Area
This detailed map shows what areas of coverage we offer for fiber optic.

Fiber may benefit if: Advantages Contact Us
√ Need to link multiple sites
√ Lease T1's
√ Own your own switch
√ Need video conferencing
√ Require remote monitoring
√ Cost effective
√ Speed of transmission
√ Security
√ Superior quality
√ Immune to electrical noise,
lightning, and other types of
electrical interference
Empire Connect
PO Box 127
Joplin, Missouri 64802

417-625-5175 fax