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Your business can now take advantage of Empire’s Fiber Optic Network. Transfer data with unlimited bandwidth under Empire’s convenient lease option that includes installation, service and maintenance, all in one package.

Information is Power.

We're all familiar with these old adages, and they've never been more true than they are today in our fast paced world where information is transferred around the globe at the speed of light. If your business depends on the transfer of data, voice, or video communications for success, Empire District Electric Company has a service to assist you — fiber optics.

Fiber optics is a technology that transmits modulated (pulsed) light through hair-thin strands of glass. The light, invisible to the human eye, is in the infrared portion of the spectrum and well suited for the transfer of high volume and broadband communication. It is capable of sending 2,000 times more information per second than traditional copper wires on which businesses now rely.

Empire District can connect your remote locations into one "virtual office" by leasing you fiber optics for point to point connections. Fiber optics can eliminate information bottlenecks when used to replace the weak points in your communications system. Fiber optics offer more secure communications than does copper and are not susceptible to noise interference problems. Also, compared to current alternative, fiber optics can provide greater speeds and reliability at competitive costs.

Fiber Coverage Area
This detailed map shows what areas of coverage we offer for fiber optic.

Fiber Contacts
A list of contact information for fiber optic services.

Fiber may benefit if: Advantages Contact Us
√ Need to link multiple sites
√ Lease T1's
√ Own your own switch
√ Need video conferencing
√ Require remote monitoring
√ Cost effective
√ Speed of transmission
√ Security
√ Superior quality
√ Immune to electrical noise,
lightning, and other types of
electrical interference
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