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Dear Applicant:

           Thank you for your interest in The Empire District Electric Company. For close to 100 years, our workforce has been serving our customers with pride. To learn more about Empire’s history, I encourage you to explore our Web site.

           As we face the challenges of the future, we will continue to build on our reputation of providing excellent customer service through a skilled, highly motivated workforce. We provide our employees with a challenging work environment, while maintaining a company culture of high ethical standards.

           Four core competencies are valued in all employees – Customer Focus, Adaptability/Flexibility, Initiative, and Teamwork. We believe these competencies are keys to success at Empire District, and it is our mission to recruit, hire, train, and retain such individuals.

           If you are interested in possible employment with Empire, I encourage you to submit your application by following the five steps below.


Vicki Williams
Director of Human Resources

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Follow these five steps to submit your application on-line or click here for a printable application.

Step One:
Click here to download the Employment Application.
Step Two:
Complete the employment application and save it on the "C" drive of your computer using your first and last name as the file name. File name and path should be C:\Your name here.pdf. Close the application window and return to the Empire District Web site to complete the application process. MAC users should print the completed pdf document as a new pdf document to ensure document compatibility.
Step Three:
If you wish to submit a resume with your completed application, please use the "Browse..." button below and select your resume.
Attach Resume: 
NOTE: Resumes are accepted only with a completed application. Acceptable file formats are '.doc','.txt', and '.pdf'
Step Four:
Click the "Browse..." button below and select the saved application. File name and path should be C:\Your name here.pdf.
Attach Completed Application: 
* '.pdf' Only
Step Five:
Click the "Submit" below to complete the upload process.