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Thank you for using Empire District's online application.

We will respond to your request by telephone or email within two business days of receipt. An account representative may need to verify the service address, schedule a date for a service person to meet you at the property, and discuss any other account requirements.

Twenty-four hour notice, excluding weekends and holidays, is required for service requests. Please note, it may take longer than 24 hours to have your service connected.

A deposit may be required before service can be turned on.

By requesting service, you allow Empire to check credit information and verify the information provided.

A handbook with important details for customers including contact numbers and payment information is available by clicking here. We encourage customers to print this handbook for an easy-to-use tool.

Do not use this form for emergency requests. If you need assistance in filling out this application, please contact Empire at 800-206-2300 for electric service or 800-424-0427 for natural gas service.

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