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The Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan (the "Plan") offers a variety of convenient, low-cost services to make it easier for you to invest in our Common Stock. The Plan is designed for investors wishing to invest and build their share ownership over time.

Plan highlights:

  • You may participate in the Plan with full, partial or no reinvestment of dividends.
  • If you are a registered owner of shares of our common stock, you may purchase additional shares of our common stock by reinvesting all or a portion of the dividends paid on your common stock and/or by making optional cash investments of not less than $25 up to a maximum of $250,000 per calendar year. In some instances we may permit optional cash investments in excess of this maximum if we approve your request for a waiver.
  • If you are a new investor, you may join the Plan by making an initial investment in our common stock of at least $250 (which you may satisfy by authorizing a minimum of ten (10) automatic monthly investments of at least $25).
  • You may deposit your common stock certificates, at no cost, with the Administrator for safekeeping.
  • You may sell your shares through the Plan with minimal fees.
  • If your shares are held for you in a brokerage account, you may participate by instructing your broker to transfer your shares of Empire common stock into your name, or make arrangements with the broker to participate on your behalf.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Plan Administrator, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services at 800-468-9716 (toll free in the United States), or 651-450-4064 (outside of the United States), or visit shareowneronline.com to view the Prospectus. Current shareholders can access their account online at shareowneronline.com.

None of the information on the Investors pages of this website is an offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities of The Empire District Electric Company. Offers to sell and solicitations of offers to buy can only be made through the means of the Plan prospectus. Any prospective Plan participant must receive and should read a prospectus prior to making his or her investment decision. Please contact the Plan Administrator for a copy of the Plan Prospectus (see the contact information under the FAQ page on this portion of our website, or visit Wells Fargo at shareowneronline.com).